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Data. This small word describes an ever-expanding collection of objects of knowledge created, recorded, and archived that when organized, help us give order to the universe.

This inaugural ebook is about the federal government’s attempt to compose an organized collection of data. This simple sentence belies the exponential complexity of the task.

This ebook presents the status of agencies currently along
the continuum of data collection and analysis; What datum
is important? How should it be gathered and made uniform?
Once consistent, what story will be liberated? And who are the
scientists imagining, crafting and employing the tools so we
can all understand the universe?


Articles include:

  • OMB’s 57 New Standards
  • CIO Survey Finds Data Analytics a Low Priority
  • OMB “Tames” Past Performance Date to Improve Grants Process
  • Deconstructing the CDO
  • Federal CIOs Should Pay Attention to European Commission’s Investigation Into Android
  • How Do Not Pay and Other Data Analytics Tools Save Billions in Improper Payments
  • SSA’s Award Winning Big Data Project
  • HHS Modernizes Health Data Portal

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