Expert Edition: Enterprise IT - Download Today!

Expert Edition: Enterprise IT - Download Today!


You are only as agile as your least agile system.  Your legacy computer systems, programming languages and application software - while necessary - are the dead weight holding you back in the race toward becoming an agency that serves and moves to the every-changing customer and mission needs.

In this Expert Edition, Federal News Radio shows you what nimble-minded individuals in agency IT shops are doing to continuously deliver mission in a new, better and more cost-effective way.  

In this edition, you will find:

  • Agencies Spending More on IT Modernization Efforts Than They Think
  • On DoD: Army Using Innovation Challenges, IT Box to Rapidly Equip Cyber Warriors
  • Sprawling Intel System is First Test for Air Force's New Commitment to Open Architecture
  • Navy Using Virtual Test Bed to Secure Shipboard Systems
  • SSA's IT Modernization Takes Small Steps on Way to Major Changes
  • OMB Draft Policy Begins IT Modernization With or Without Congress

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