Executive Briefing Series: Facial Recognition

Executive Briefing Series: Facial Recognition

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Federal efforts to improve biometric identification and authentication increasingly center on facial recognition. In dynamic situations such as port-of-entry screening, crowd surveillance, cybersecurity authentication and counter terrorism, facial recognition has already improved mission delivery.

Facial recognition technology itself has advanced quite a bit in recent years, making it more efficient, more accurate and obtainable from farther away. Fingerprints remain the gold standard for many applications. But obtaining a high-quality, 10-finger set is time-consuming and fingerprint matching live requires physical contact, unlike facial recognition.

Where fingerprint matching is already in place, going multi-modal by adding facial recognition can give a higher degree of verification, experts say.

In this exclusive executive briefing, the following experts will explore trends in facial recognition, where technology and applications are moving fast:

  • Dr. Chris Boehnen, Program Manager, Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA)
  • Greg Crabb, Vice President & Chief Information Security Officer, U.S. Postal Service
  • Rebecca Gambler, Director, Homeland Security and Justice, Government Accountability Office
  • Will Graves, Chief Engineer PM Biometrics, Biometric Enabling Capability (BEC), Department of Defense
  • Benji Hutchinson, Senior Director, Washington D.C. Operations, NEC Corporation of America
  • Patrick Nemeth, Director, Identity Operations Division, Office of Biometric Identity Management (OBIM), National Protection and Programs Directorate, Department of Homeland Security
  • Arun Vemury, Program Manager, HSARPA/BMD/Port of Entry - People Screening, and Lead, S&T Biometric Technology Engine, Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate

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