Why Governance, Risk and Compliance is Everyone’s Business - Download the Executive Brief Today!

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The dynamic world of risk can be challenging. Federal agencies - no less than commercial organizations - operating as they are in a complex and increasingly threatening world, face risks to their finances, their physical security, and their ability to do business.

In this exclusive executive briefing, the following experts will explore how to understand and apply governance, risk and compliance:

  • Jason Malmstrom, assistant inspector general in the Audit Division at the Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General
  • Jim Dalkin, director of financial management assurance at the Government Accountability Office
  • Ilanko Subramaniam, GRC practice leader at Optiv Security Inc
  • David Walter, vice president of Archer, the GRC arm of RSA

They’ll also highlight and analyze:

  • Where organizational risks originate
  • Government-specific requirements
  • Lines of defense

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